The Help

Vera believed in us.
Kenny took us to the bridge.
Dave ate all the left overs.
Celeste designed our logo.
Christian came along for the ride.
Autumn brought the noise.
The Willcutts slept through some of it.
Fred was late to the party.

Photo by Vera Devera

There’s so many, and so many of their names are lost to time.
Alex and Grace and Mollie and Sujai in LA.
The Lin sisters and Max and Johan in NYC.
Beth Alyse and Joaquin in SF.

That tiny apartment on Cesar Chavez in San Francisco.
That little house where we broke the oven and ran game hens to a neighbor’s.
The lowest rooftop in Manhattan.
That courtyard in LA’s Koreatown.
That mansion in the Hollywood Hills.
That 5th-floor walk-up in SoHo, in the rain.
That Historic Oakland Dive: Eli’s Mile High Club.
That giant loft in Wicker Park.
That stunning condo in Tribeca.
Marion’s Marquee Lounge on the Bowery!!!
That abandoned restaurant space in Nashville.
That photography studio flat in LA.
That crazy art gallery apartment in SF.
That backyard in Miami & Oakland & Berkeley & Brooklyn & Los Angeles, etc…