You missed it…

The Ghetto Gourmet no longer does events. It lives on in the hearts and minds of those who experienced a Ghetto Gourmet dinner.

Beginning in late 2003, two brothers, a poet and a chef, ran an underground restaurant in a basement apartment in the dark heart of Oakland on Monday nights. What started as an experiment turned into a movement.

From then until early 2008, what happened can be described as unexpected, reckless, excessive, rewarding and almost entirely wholesome.

To the chefs, cooks and culinary talent who created exceptionally good food in extremely challenging settings,

To the performers and entertainers who kept us amused and distracted while we waited for the next course,

To the hosts who opened their homes and kitchens to a bunch of total strangers, and to the hundreds of volunteers who ran plates, washed dishes and made it all possible,

To the guests who took a chance and made it all worth it,

and to the press who never said a bad word about us…

Thank You.

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